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Thanks so much for such excellent creative work, professionalism, and excellent communication. As someone who manages creative people day to day at Disney, I find it can be hard to find people that have the balance between the creative skills and the workflow/ communication/ political skills to work with others. You clearly have this balance down!

Nick Gallent  Disney Interactive

My name is Kevin Coffey and I specialize in hand drawn 2-D animation and illustration, satisfying the most discriminating clientelle for the past 30 years. 

I have a warm, friendly style and I will provide you with the very highest quality animation, children's illustration, adult themed illustration, realistic illustration, character design, storyboards, comic strips, logos, toy design and any other illustration and animation concepts you need for any application you can imagine.

Bring me your project concepts and together we will make them come alive.

Money well spent on a legendary artist.

Charlie Kelly             - Author,  ‘Fat Tire Flyer'

  • Happy clients include Lucas, Cartoon Network, Disney, Comcast, Tim Burton, Hasbro, Hanna-Barbara, Safeway, Bank of America, Farmer's Insurance, United States Post Office, Nextel, Chevron, Wells Fargo Bank, Van De Kamp Foods, NBC, the Boston Red Sox, Milton Bradley, the Los Angeles Anaheim Angles and many others- and many first time clients just like you.

  • There are currently more than 20 books I've illustrated for sale on Amazon.com right now. To browse click here.

By intentionally keeping my overhead low I am able to specialize in clients that need very high quality work quickly turned around. I answer my own phone. 

Many very important, very selective clients appreciate that concept.

Let me add you to that list.

Contact me today to discuss your animation and illustration needs.

Kevin Coffey

415 387 2844


Your artwork is attracting miracles to our business…like I said before, you, my friend, are absolutely amazing! We are busy!

Brad Atwood Sunshine Cleaning

The illustrations, by Kevin Coffey, are terrific, too.

Dan Shearer            - Green Valley News,  Arizona

Thanks so much for all your help with this project. You did a fantastic job, are great to work with, and you're first on my list next time we need any illustrations or storyboards done.

Chris Constantine  - Creative director, California Closets


You are amazing. Thank you for your professionalism, talent, communication and dedication to the task. I hope we can work together again soon.

Sincerely appreciative,

Marilyn Martinez   - Autho

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